Seasons/Experience - How It Works
Hey Hoard Hunters, get ready for a wild ride with our brand-new Experience System on the Hoard Hunter Website! It's not just your typical XP grind; we've crafted this system to be your ticket to unlocking cool features, snagging awesome rewards, and flaunting your skills to your Hoard Hunter buddies!

Earn Experience Points (XP) like a pro by doing various actions in the game. Just logging in gets you points, and if you log in every day for a week, you'll score even more! But wait, there's more - the longer you keep the streak going, the more bonus XP you'll rake in, up to a whopping 360 days in a row!

Now, the real fun begins within the games themselves. Play a game, find some ring pulls, discover a golden nugget, or finish on the leaderboard - each action piles up XP and boosts your leveling up journey. And don't forget the Mini Digs games - they're XP gold mines, so dive into those for extra fun and points. Your earned XP details will pop up at the end of each dig, keeping you in the loop.

Speaking of leveling up, there are 100 levels waiting for you on Hoard Hunter. Every 10 levels, there's a new challenge to conquer. Check your current level in the top right-hand corner of the screen - the lock/unlock icon next to it tells you if you're ready to ascend or if there are some challenges to tackle first. For instance, reaching a certain level might require you to play 5 Mini Dig games. The info box also spills the beans on your XP progress and what's needed for the next level.

And guess what? The rewards get better as you climb! Unlock bonus Hoard Hunter games, Tokens, and the thrilling ability to play more free games daily. Level 50 brings you 3 free games a day, and at level 100, you'll be enjoying a whopping 4 free games every day!

But here's the twist - we're introducing seasons! A whole year of excitement, from January 1st to December 31st. At the stroke of midnight on December 31st, your XP gets a reset, and it's back to the starting line. It's a fair game for everyone! We've crunched the numbers, and even a free-to-play pro can hit level 100 within the season. Ready for the challenge?

Let the Hoard Hunting begin!
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