Hoard Hunter - How It Works
Welcome to the heart and soul of Hoard Hunter - the Monthly Game extravaganza! It's not just a game; it's an epic journey where you can play for free or up your game with awesome value game packs. The party kicks off at midnight on the first day of the month and keeps the vibe alive until the stroke of midnight on the final day of the month.

Here's the lowdown: every player gets a double dose of fun with 2 free games per day*, but no hoarding those for tomorrow - they don't roll over!

To dive into the action, click the Hoard Hunter link in the menu. Ready for your next Hoard Hunter game? Click "Start New Game" in the game lobby, and you're on your way!

Navigate the permission map like a pro – four directions to explore. PC champs can use the keypad, touch enthusiasts can swipe, and everyone else can use the directional buttons in the bottom left corner. Keep an eye on the signal indicator above the buttons - it's your treasure radar. When it's full, you're on top of the target! Click "Dig Here" in the bottom right corner, press Enter, or double-tap the coil icon on your phone to unearth the goods.

Items range from humble ring pulls to glittering gold hoards. The top left corner is your hub for digs remaining, items found, and your accumulating score. Keep digging, and watch that score climb!

Watch out for Hoard Hunter tokens on the map - they come in £3, £5, or £10 flavors. Instantly credited to your account, these tokens are your ticket to more Mini Dig adventures or extra Hoard Hunter games.

Top right corner alert! The trophy icon takes you to the leaderboard for a friendly rivalry check. The second button is your trusty guide (yes, this very one!). Next up, maximize the screen to make the map bigger for a grander adventure. And when all you find are ring pulls, hit the last button to gracefully end the game!

Once your dig attempts are done, your score is tallied and showcased under Your Previous Game. The total monthly points shine bright on the leaderboard, but only your single highest score of each day and every day of the month is the star. Prizes are unveiled from the start of the month, and the champions bask in glory at midnight on the final day of the month. Winners get their VIP notification the next day, and in case of a tie, the first scorer to get the tiebreaking score gets the higher position. Ready to dig, score, and conquer?

Let the Monthly Game madness begin!
* further games per day can be unlocked by progressing through the experience system.
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