Mini Digs - How It Works
Get ready for the quickest treasure hunt ever with our Mini Digs! These are like bite-sized games on pint-sized maps, but hey, don't let the size fool you – the prizes are seriously awesome! The Mini Digs are your weekly ticket to excitement, kicking off every Monday (usually) at the stroke of midnight and wrapping up on Sunday (usually) at 7pm GMT.

Here's the scoop: every player gets a golden ticket in the form of 1 free game for each Mini Dig. And guess what? Some players have snagged top-notch prizes using their freebies, so don't forget to cash in on yours!

To dive into the Mini Digs madness, just click on the Mini Digs link in the menu. There, you'll find a treasure trove of info on ongoing and upcoming mini adventures. Click "Play Now" on the Mini Dig of your choice to land on the game page, where you can peek at the prizes before you embark on your quest. Pro tip: hit the "Leaderboard" button for the inside scoop.

The game page isn't just a pretty face; it spills the beans on your highest score, available free games, and the entry price. Click "Start New Game" and you're on your way to the potentially winning a top draw prize.

Navigating in the Mini Dig game is a breeze – four directions to move, cursor buttons for gamers, directional buttons for PC champs, and swiping for touch-screen enthusiasts. Click "Dig Here" in the bottom right corner, press Enter, or double-tap the coil icon on your phone to unearth the goods. No signal indicators here, folks – just find 15 items with unlimited dig attempts. Hit or miss, it's all part of the game!

Armed with a trusty scrap bucket that can only hold 3 items, you'll face a tough choice when you unearth treasure – continue the game or scrap the item. Choose wisely because you only get 3 scrap attempts per game!

Keep an eye on the game info box in the top left corner and use the buttons in the top right to explore the leaderboard, check out the game guide (like what you're reading now!), and maximize your screen for an immersive experience.

Rack up those points, and they'll strut their stuff on the leaderboard. Only your highest score of the week counts, so give it your all. Prizes are revealed at the start of the week, and the crowned champions get their rewards at 7pm GMT on the final day (usually Sunday). Winners get the glory and a heads-up the next day. In case of tiebreaker chaos, the first scorer to get the tiebreaking score gets the higher position.

Let the Mini Digs mayhem begin!
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