Hoard Hunter
Welcome to Hoard Hunter, our monthly detecting game where points mean prizes, big prizes!

You'll get 30 dig attempts to find and dig up as many point scoring items as you can find, all of which will push you up the leaderboard and maybe land you in a prize winning position.

Remember, you get 2 Free Games everyday and if you're not happy with your daily highest score, you can always purchase more games or take advantage of one of our game packs listed below.

Everyone is welcome to play Hoard Hunter, but please note prizes can currently only be despatched within the United Kingdom.
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Hoard Hunter Game Packs
Hoard Hunter game packs offer better value for money but they can only be purchased periodically. You can take advantage of our game packs to try and better your daily highest score, simply select the game pack you want, click on "Purchase Pack" and play your extra games.

Daily game packs can only be purchased once per day and are reset each day at 12:00am.
Weekly game packs can only be purchased once per week and are reset each Monday at 12:00am.
Monthly game packs can only be purchased once per month and are reset on the 1st of the following month at 12:00am.

All purchased games that are credited to your account are available to use at any time and remain valid until they are used.
Diamond Pack
50% FREE!
You get 100 games

Plus an extra 50 games FREE!
Pack Price
25 Tokens
Can be purchased ONCE per month
Ruby Pack
33% FREE!
You get 60 games

Plus an extra 20 games FREE!
Pack Price
15 Tokens
Can be purchased ONCE per week
Emerald Pack
25% FREE!
You get 40 games

Plus an extra 10 games FREE!
Pack Price
10 Tokens
Can be purchased ONCE per week
Sapphire Pack
20% FREE!
You get 20 games

Plus an extra 4 games FREE!
Pack Price
5 Tokens
Can be purchased ONCE per day
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